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Engineering Module.

  • Engineering.
  • BOQ From AutoCAD drawing.
  • Floor wise reports of concrete & finishing items.
  • All reports in abstract & measurement sheet format.
  • Estimate directly to ERP.
  • Estimation.
  • Defining projects/building details.
  • Various masters like items, Materials with Overheads, & Wastages for materials.
  • Rate analysis.
  • Budgeting the project.
  • Revision of the estimate.
  • Importing BOQ in estimate/manual data entry for BOQ.
  • Activitiwise Planning –Defining work breakdown structure (WBS)/connectivity to MS projects for planning (optional).
  • Material requirement for any time period from bar charts.
  • Activitiwise & material wise quantity variance & cost variance.
  • MIS support.
  • Comparison of budget & revised estimate.


Main module
Contracting Module
  • Contracting
  • Contractor details
  • Generation of work order
  1. Only for labour (not material)
  2. With material & labour
  • Work done vs material consumed daily/weekly
  • Defining payment schedule for work order
  • Facility for RA bills/Item billing
  • Billing compared with work completion
  • Approval of contractor bill
  • Computation of payment stages considering Advance ,Retention, Service tax…
  • Direct transfer of voucher to tally
  • MIS reports
  • Most builders have properties given on rent & lease and have following formalities
  • Rent agreement/stamp/registration of agr.
  • Receipts for rent/agreements
  • Intimation and alerts for rents
  • 11 months notice generation
  • Many such formalities
Investor Module
  • Most builders have investments coming in the form of partial booking of flats/deposits and time based investments
  • We have a very comprehensive module to handle all transactions with detailed modalities on interest calculations, partial return of investments, alerts
  • Calculation of payments to investors on occurrence of sale of flats allotted to them.
  • Blocking the said flat till investors desired price matures.
  • Documentation/tenement allotment
  • Estimation/valuation per occupant
  • Funds/rental/allotment/reallotment
  • Cash payback-tenant marking-valuation per occupant
  • Tenant/resale -.termination calc
  • Investment- expense analysis from time to time
Land & Legal
  • Maintaining land records
  • Land records maintenance for research
  • Legal case & compliance follow-up
  • Legal formalities & licensee follow-up
  • Land purchase from multiple owners, payment schedules.
  • Interest calculation, generation of payment, receipts & automatic effect to accounts
Hr & Payroll
  • Payment slips
  • Tax calculation
  • Daily in out report of site labor & staff
  • Site wise weekly labor/contractor payment
  • Auto calculation of all taxes like TDS & others
  • You can connect to any thumb device
Society Maintenance & Handover
  • Monthly collection of maintenance charges
  • Summary of maintenance
  • Flat wise receipt/payment status
  • Clubhouse membership/payment collection
  • Payments to sweeper/watchmen/electricity etc
  • All data entry as per the norms of society laws
  • Demand letters for flat owners for contributions

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