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This software is designed and developed to automate and speed up the process of Estimation, Analysis, Tendering and different related tasks. EasySpec automates the estimation activity for the contractors, builder’s, and Government agencies. It enables quick drawing out of justification, tender works, contractor bills, analysis of rates and different set of statements with various types of standard data.

This reduces working time and improves productivity. In Easyspec when the rate for any particular material changes it is automatically applied to all the related items for that site. Thus, enabling the client to have estimate with new rates. This facilitates the client to have the exact costing for every material group, rates of which may vary at various sites. This software is useful for contractors, builders and estimating agencies, which follow standard CPWD or PWD pattern.

EasySpec has a rate analysis Master library. The library has more than 2000 items, the data of which can be accessed while working out any estimate. This not only enables one to have the rate analysis at hand but also speeds up the process of estimation and billing.

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EasySpec also works out the estimated total material requirement and the rates for the same which can be varied as required. The list of total material is generated group-wise, which can be segregated with respect to the groups i e floor-wise.

EasySpec generates vital reports required for estimation and tendering. It stores a master database of various important rate analysis required for estimation. Besides, quantities obtained from AutoScan can be directly transferred to EasySpec.

Key Features

  • Provides swift rate analysis and estimation
  • Ready rate analysis of 2000 items from DSR / CPWD / ASR is available
  • Lead and lift option is available
  • Is useful to float a tender and also to quote for a tender
  • Includes many post-tender project management tools.
  • Has connection to MS Project.
  • Has connection to Excel.

EasySpec creates Master definitions by :

  • Defining materials
  • Defining sub heads
  • Defining basic items
  • Designing subanalysis
  • Generating master analysis
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  • Creates various reports like Justification statements and Comparative statements with respect to rate analysis in the Master library.
  • Generates schedule of quantities.
  • Change of rate for material is reflected in the entire estimate. For example change in rate of cement is reflected in all the items where cement is a component.


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