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E-Site enables you to manage our construction Site smoothly & efficiently. This is a very simple to use and useful software for builders and construction companies to manage their entire site execution online i.e. like a website. The data is kept on server and can be accessed by the users with the rights as decided by the admin. It requires the user to have wired Internet with STATIC IP at office /server end.The purchase order, MRN,GRN & material issue can be controlled through rights given to the respective authorized users this can be done also wrt estimation. i.e any material procured in exess of estimated can be tracked and controlled.

E-Site Includes:

  • Engineering Module: Estimate, Planning & Rate analysis, Material Requisition note(MRN)
  • Purchase Order Module: Supplier Quotation Entry, Supplier rate comparison, Purchase order, Supplier Payment,Outstanding Material & Payments
  • Store Module: GRN- Material Received, GRN Inspection, Material Issue, Material Return, Transfer in-Transfer out of Material from Site to Site. Inventory-Stock
  • Contractor Module: Contractor work order, Preparation of R A Bills & Normal Bills.
  • Variance Report for Cost & Material: Engineering Module Compared with Estimated
  • Reports: Material Inward Outward, Supplier wise Pending Material Project wise Stock, Building wise-Floor wise Material Issue
  • Pop Ups and Reminders wrt Authorization are Available in E Site.
  • Tally ConnectivitySystem Requirements: Windows Operating System, Static IP with Wired Broadband at Server End. Internet Accessibility at User End

Why e-Site?

Building construction is a profession which has become far more competitive and Hi-tech. The business is growing at a rapid pace of almost 300% per year. This stupendous rate of growth demands change in the functioning style of the builder. This new growth dimension in construction has compelled the builder to go for high-end computerization. With its vast domain expertise Newton brings to you e-Site.

e-site is just suited to meet your needs. E-site is a package developed taking into mind the day to day needs of a construction office. Be it a

  • Builder
  • Developer
  • Contractor
  • Project Mgt. consultant
  • As a system is in place, Reports are available instantaneously.
  • Burden & confusion on Acct Dept. is reduced.
  • Correct stage wise purchases can be planned.
  • Money is not blocked unnecessarily.
  • PC’s have become cheap, so the cost of implementation is reduced.
  • Material wastage/pilferage is reduced to nearly zero.
  • No Two Time Entry i.e In Tally – In a site mgt. package, Data is exported to Tally.
  • Purchases & payments are streamlined.
  • Accounts mgt. Is more professional and is done in half the time
Your existing data in Tally can be continued on first day itself, so e-Site implementation time is hardly 3 days…

Most companies have a Common problem

“How to summaries; what is happening at site?”

e-site has a clear cut solution. It divides the problem into

1. At site
2. At Head office

It computerizes your information so well that; you will find everybody related to the firm is satisfied.

Site Engineer
  • Material req.(MRN). Are centralized; so record is perfect.
  • Head Office is fully aware of progress at site. Control of site is easily maintained.
  • Unnecessary chaos from H.O. is reduced to nil.
  • Since record of stock is maintained, Work does not get hampered.
  • Material rejected/transferred is accounted neatly.
  • Hardly takes any time for data entry as package is very very easy. The Software is most user friendly.
  • Upgrades the site engineer experience to a high-tech level.

Uniqueness of e-Site Tally connectivity

  • Transfer of data from e-Site to Tally takes place automatically
  • Prevents duplication of data entry thus enhancing efficiency.
  • The entire accounting can be linked online with site activities.
  • Tally multi users / single users 6.3 onwards in database.
Automates Contractor Module

  1. Automates Contractor bills.
  2. Contractor Details.
  3. Various contractor related reports. Item billing as well as sq. ft. billing

e-Site Modules

  • e-Site Server – Installed at Head Office where all site data is stored
  • e-Site Site – Installed at Construction site where respective site data is maintained
Identifies Material & Project Cost
  • e-Site helps to identify Material as well as Project Cost even when the project is being carried out. This is very crucial in Professional Management of the project.
  • Material variance refers to the discrepancy if any, between the Estimated Material and Actual Material utilized at the sites.
  • Cost variance refers to discrepancy in Estimated cost & actual cost of construction.
Web Connectivity
  • The software has facility for web connectivity .
  • Online data Access is possible with the use of IP VPN / Broadband with Static IP.
  • Online current status of site information is accessible.
  • Provides regular MIS reports online.

Automation by e-site

At Construction Site –
  • Material requisition note (MRN)
  • Goods Received Note (GRN)
  • Daily Work Done
  • Material Issued
  • Stock Transferred from/to site

At Head Office-

  • Generates Purchase Orders
  • Rectifies GRN details
  • Rectifies stock details
  • Transfer of stock to other sites
  • Cross checks supplier bill and invoice
  • Transfer into Tally
  • Variance Analysis- Material, Cost
Construction Site Management Software

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