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E-Gatepass Contract Labour Management System

We, at Newton Software are the pioneers in the field of contract labour management system. we have done a lot research and development in the system in the lats 4 years and come up with a comprehensive solution e_gatepass that is appropriate for corporates and big and medium size organisations.

We have to our credit the expertise in deploying the E-gatepass- labour management system to manage the labour to the tune of 300 to 1800 numbers operating per factory. various corporates like LG, Varroc, Bridgestone, Bajaj Electricals man many others are extensively using our system for their daily contract labour

The system takes care of all compliances,daily in-out and the reports there to.
How does it works?
  • Compliance
  • Daily In-Out
  • Reports

The system is made in such a way that it makes sure that all the compliance are made in place before implementing the system.It makes sure that you have all the following compliances in place:

1.Labour Contractor Compliance:

It keeps track of wheather the contractor has all the formalities of ESI/PF/labour laws in place.This does not keep any loophole at the contractors level so later complications can be avoided.

2.Contract Labour Compliance:

It makes sure that following formalities are completed by the contractor before getting the contract labour to your factory premises:

  • Photo of the contract labour
  • Proof of residence
  • Date of birth
  • Eligibility date
  • ESI No
  • PAN card etc.
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Daily In Out

Once the system is installed at the gate, the guards just click on the pass with the barcode reader. Our system is so fast that in a span of 15 to 25 minutes you can ensure the entry of approx 6000 labour. It snaps the photo at in time & out time. No queues at the gate and no proxy.

Corporate Benifites

  • Lesser pressure on the HR department as the system is online.The work of the days of payment calculation is finished in 3 to 4 hours.
  • The tricky compliance part is made very methodical.
  • Better relation with labour office as right from the muster roll to payslips everything is fully computerized.
  • Healthy relations with labour and no fight due to the inaccurate calculation.
  • System take max 1 week to implement : our Person is in your plant for full 1 week.
  • We provide exclusive customization as every client has some requirement but after the main system is implemented in one go.

Online-Onsite Training. Software can be implemented in 3/4 settings.