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E-Gatepass Contract Labour Management System

E-gatepass is a system developed only for the supper luxury complexes. Every builder is striving to provide the best of the facilities for a Hi-tech complex.

E-gatepass is a should developed keeping precisely the same in mind. E-gatepass is a solution that contains following major features for a HI-tech complex.


    Every time a visitor, record visit the complex, the system snaps a photo of the visitor, records the vehicle number, records the visitor the flat number he/she is visiting and prints a pass. This ensures that all the unscrupulous elements are avoided from entering the premises.

    The system has 2 exclusive alerts:

    • SMS to the concerned flat owner
    • Verification by security.

    All the maids/servants/drivers are issued a pass as show. This ensures that only selected and quality labour force is working in the premises.


    Here the guard is given a security stick and is required to visit the predefined security points in the complex round the clock. Upon failure to do so, the system sends an SMS alert to the authorities.

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