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E-Gatepass Visitor Management system

What is E-Gatepass

  • E-gatepass is an ultimate Automatic Gate Pass System.
  • System is simple to use & no supervisor is required.
  • Visitor can simply enter the visiting card & gate pass can be made automatically by using simple touch-screen operation.
  • While scanning the card the photo of the visitor is also maintained & printed on gate pass.
  • Visitor can also type the data on touch screen if required.
  • The unique feature of the E-gatepass is that it can record both the entry & the exit of any visitor in the premise.
  • This enables you to close loop the entry exit system.
  • The data of the visitors can be easily maintained & accessed at a later date.
  • This data can also be sent on the web for online communication from site / factory to Head office.
  • This system is Web & Lan enabled.
  • ‘Quick show’ is available on the web. In 10 min. you can see entire list of day’s visitor with photo’s.
  • Sms Alert to concerned People on Arrival of a visitor at the Gate Alert also available on the lan as a ‘POP UP’ , if connected to E-gatepass

Online-Onsite Training. Software can be implemented in 3/4 settings.