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E-Flatdeal Builders Sales Management System


E-FlatDeal enables you to manage your entire sales office online.This is a very simple to use and useful software for builders and construction companies to manage their entire sales office online i.e.like a website.The data is kept on server and can be accessed by the users with the rights a decided by the admin.It requires the user to have wired internet with STATIC IP at office/server end.

This Package is so Beautiful : it helps

  • To plan Media campaign / Sales
  • To Evaluate Sales Executive performance to Enquiry Management
  • To Systematically Follow each Enquiry
  • To Convert Enquiries to nearly 100%.


Apart from Automating sales Dept : it also

  • Automates Demand Notices
  • Receipts
  • Projectwise Outstandings
  • Defination of Payment stages

It makes your Day to Day reporting System very simple and effective.


Some of the features are

  • Building Status: Sold-unsold-parking-It is pleasure watch sold/unsold reports online graphical presentation
  • Exclusive tally connectivity/no duplication of work-We have an ace in this module, Entry made in our package need not to be duplicated in tally. e-Flatdeal has adequate facility to transfer vocher nos, transaction details & amount directly into tally. This saves you enormous amount & time plus avoids duplications.
Some highlights of the E-flatDeal are as follows:

Enquiry To Possession Management

  • Enquiry,Enquiry Follow up
  • Special remarks tracked through reports
  • Quotation for flat
  • Booking form
  • Auto-Alerts for enquiry follow up

Booking confirmation

Receipt,Payment follow up,Broker payment,Interest Calculation

Various types of Auto generation of letters & Agreements like:

Allotment letter,Booking confirmation letter,Demand letter,Bank NOC,Possession letter and many more..

Various Auto Generation of Reports like:

Various Auto generation of reports like

  • List of active and inactive customers,Performance Analysis per executive wise,Booking report.
  • Outstandings report clientwise,Projectwise & Buildingwise & Various other grapical report.

GraphicalFlat status for sold/unsold and hold status for flats:

Auto-alerts for enquiry follow up,Payment follow up,Outstanding,Pending Agreements,etc

Popups for CRM wrt birthdays and anniversaries: Document management,Alerts Email/SMS.

Tally Connectivity

System requirements :

Windows operating system, Static IP with wired broadband at server end internet accessibility at user end.

Why use e-FlatDeal?

Sales Management

Automation of Sales Reports

Flat availability report

Flat cancellation report

Sold-Unsold report

Parking Availability

Account statement


Add Campaigns

Enquiries Tracking


Followup Reminders

Various Reports for

Planning & Analysis

Documentation & Correspondence

Booking Form

Different Letters Demand,

Mortguage,Cancellation,Key Letters
Vouchers related enteries and Reports


Daily Auto Popup reminders

on screen for outstanding

Amount Buildingwise

Amount Limitwise

Amount Overdue timewise

Automatic Letter Generation Facility
  • Auto Popup Reminders for Followups
  • Meeting/Visits
  • Auto Popup Reminders for Birthday/Anniversaries of Client
  • Reports are available on web,can be viewed from anywhere…
  • Builders can view the reports and payment details from anywhere across the world.
  • The reports can be viewed on Mobile.

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